Kami was a Thiopian male who fought during the Great War of Zypher and the Empire War. Kami was taken as the apprentice of Dark Master who trained him to harness the dark energies of the Force, putting him second in command of the Dark Empire. During the Great War of Zypher, Kami struck a great blow against Zypher by killing their greatest warrior, Taru Vox, during the Battle of Tahu.

 Behind the scenes

Kami was portrayed by Christian Highland in the films Inevitable Fate Episode I: The Rise of Tom Vox and Inevitable Fate Episode II: Revenge of the Dark Empire, while Scott Highland portrayed his ultimate form in Revenge of the Dark Empire. Scott was to portray Kami in Inevitable Fate before the film was cancelled. He was created by Scott Highland for Inevitable Fate. Kami was named after the character Kami from the anime Dragon Ball Z.

Original Inevitable Fate

In the original film Inevitable Fate, script written by Scott Highland, Kami was a warlord who planned to take the natives of the planet Tahu into slavery. He had previously attempted this but failed even though his army killed over 600,000 Tahu troops but now returns to try again.

While the film was never completed, due to budget limitations and the need for more cast and crew than was available at the time, the script was. In the script, Kami went on to kill, King Toru Vox, Prince Tom Vox, and Tom's eldest son Gobon Vox. Tom's youngest son Goban Vox (who also would have been portrayed by Christian Highland) would eventually go on to avenge their deaths and prevent Tahu from falling into slavery, but not without cost. In a last ditch effort, Kami used the last of his energy to try and kill the royal family's servant Worthington but Goban took the blow and stabbed Kami at the same time resulting in both Kami and Goban's deaths.

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