Miles Vox was a human male general in the Zypherian Army who was instrumental in defeating the Dark Empire during the Empire War. He was the son of the legendary warrior Taru Vox and Mary Vox, the nephew of Falcon, the cousin of Wolf, Pan, and Cougar, and the brother of Tom Vox.

Vox followed in his father's footsteps to become a great warrior and protect Zypher from evil. Miles participated in the Great War of Zypher, defending his home world from Dark Empire forces, leading Zypher's forces during the Battle of Rocky Valley.

Near the end of the war during the Battle of Tahu, Taru died at the hand of Kami, one the Dark Empire's most feared agents. This resulted in Miles and Tom parting ways to cope with the loss in their own methods. While Tom stayed on Zypher hone his warrior skills with their cousin Wolf, Miles left the planet to hunt down renegade members of the Dark Empire.

Behind the scenes

Miles Vox was portrayed by Adam Woodruff in both Inevitable Fate Episode I: The Rise of Tom Vox, and Inevitable Fate Episode II: Revenge of the Dark Empire. He was created by Tommy Highland for The Rise of the Dark Empire and was originally named Jeff Vox. The name Miles came from the Sonic the Hedgehog original character created by Woodruff named Miles the Hedgehog.

Miles' mother

Miles' mother Mary was named by Adam Woodruff during the Rasta Interview Type Show when Rasta, portrayed by Christian Highland, asked Miles what the name of his mother was.

Myles Vox

The character Miles Vox would go on to inspire Myles Vox in the reboot novel.

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