Worthington was a human male admiral in the Zypherian Army who was instrumental in defeating the Dark Empire during the Empire War. He was the cousin of Worthingpound, former employer of Matt Starkiller, and current employer of Rasta and El-Ti Spike. Worthington was also a skilled inventor and scientist. After the death of his father, Tom Vox saw Worthington as a mentor and close ally. Just before the beginning of the Empire War, Worthington trained Rasta to wield a laser blade.

Behind the scenes

Worthington was portrayed by Phillip Ruscin in the films Inevitable Fate Episode I: The Rise of Tom Vox and Inevitable Fate Episode II: Revenge of the Dark Empire, and Scott Highland in Inevitable Fate. He was created by Scott Highland for Inevitable Fate.

Original Inevitable Fate

In the original film Inevitable Fate, script written by Scott Highland, Worthington was the servant to the Vox royal family. He informed Prince Tom Vox that the warlord Kami had begun destroying villages all over the planet Tahu.

While the film was never completed, due to budget limitations and the need for more cast and crew than was available at the time, the script was. After the entire royal family died at Kami's hand, Worthington was appointed the king of Tahu after Tom's youngest son, Goban Vox, sacrificed himself to kill Kami.

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